EDS 435 Integrated Curriculum II

Prerequisites: EDS 335

Following skills developed in Integrated Curriculum I, this course will provide practice in the arts and in using the arts to create integrated curriculum. Through the related field experience, students will gain teaching skills that will help them integrate understandings gained in EDS 227 with their planning and teaching. The arts provide practice in thinking that integrates imagination with judgment; creativity with purpose, inquiry with contemplation, compromise with integrity. Responsible action requires skill in relating to the world through dialogue, and a commitment to creating relationships that reflect a disposition for dialogical engagement with the world. The processes of creation in the arts are dialogical in nature. Just as the artist must learn to 'hear' and respond to the work in progress, the work helps to shape the artist. Engagement in the arts provides opportunities to wonder at the world, assign significance, refine relationships of value, create working definitions of purpose, create direction for development, and to understand how these acts fit together with responsible self-definition. As questions of judgment and value are raised and addressed in creating art, self-understanding grows - the kind of self-understanding that helps provide grounding for co-creating one's place in the world. Experiencing oneself as an artist helps to cultivate the sense of agency that comes with integration among purpose and care, thinking and action. Integrated content that includes the arts is fundamental to educating children in ways that supports their creation of a more just world. Course Fee: $25.


1.5 Course Credits