Engineering Physics B.S.

Degree Requirements

Students should earn a grade of C or higher in PHY 130, PHY 221, and MAT 135 (or waiver) to be admitted to the major. 

Required Core Courses

PHY 130Introduction to Engineering

1 Course Credit

PHY 221Intro Physics I with Calculus

1 Course Credit

PHY 222Intro Physics II with Calculus

1 Course Credit

PHY 320Modern Physics

1 Course Credit

PHY 341Advanced General Laboratory

1/2 Course Credit

PHY 365Thermal Physics

1 Course Credit

PHY 460Electromagnetic Theory

1 Course Credit

PHY 481Classical Mechanics

1 Course Credit

Required Capstone Course

The capstone requirement can be satisfied by completing an approved research or internship experience, such as PHY 492, PHY 495, UGR 010 or UGR 020. To receive capstone credit students must (1) submit a formal proposal prior to the start date of the research experience or internship; and (2) give an oral presentation and submit a formal paper summarizing the work accomplished during the project by the end of the semester following the experience. Each research project or internship is approved on a case-by-case basis.  

Required Distribution Courses

Two (2) design courses chosen from one of the sequences below, plus one (1) additional course credit from the approved distribution course list. 

Engineering Design Sequence

ETAD 130 and ETAD 330


ETAD 265 and ETAD 460

Approved Distribution Courses

PHY 321

PHY 335

PHY 340

PHY 482

PHY 485

CHM 311



Required Collateral Courses

MAT 135Calculus I

1 Course Credit

MAT 225Calculus II

1 Course Credit

MAT 330Calculus III

1 Course Credit

MAT 337Differential Equations

1 Course Credit

CHM 131Accelerated General Chemistry

1 Course Credit