Music Minor

Degree Requirements

The minor in Music requires a minimum of six (6) course credits, as follows:

Required Core Courses

MUS 115Intro to Music Literature

1 Course Credit


MUS 331Music History II

1 Course Credit

MUS 220Materials of Music I

1/2 Course Credit

MUS 221Aural Harmony I

1/2 Course Credit

MUS 222Materials of Music II

1/2 Course Credit

MUS 223Aural Harmony II

1/2 Course Credit


Required Applied Music Courses

A total of 1.5 MUA course credits, plus a total of 1/2 course credit (1/4 credit each regular term) in Music Ensemble

Required Distribution Course

One course credit in MUS, chosen from any other departmental course or additional courses in music theory, music history, applied music, or music ensemble.


Additional Considerations for the Music Minor Please meet with the Music Department Chair to obtain an advisor for the Music minor.