Secondary Education Teacher Certification

These teaching certifications emphasizes the integration of content knowledge, educational theory, and practice within appropriate teaching contexts leading to teaching license/certification in a content area. Candidates who meet the requirements for the teaching certification will complete the program below in nine terms, including the completion of the pre-professional term (8th term) and Student Teaching term (9th term). No other courses may be taken during the Student Teaching term. Candidates must meet all criteria for admission into, and completion of, the Teacher Education Program (TEP), including the required Application to the Teacher Education Program and the Exit Portfolio. In order to be certified to teach, this certification must be paired with a major in one of the following disciplines: Biology, Chemistry, English, History, Mathematics, Physics, or Engineering Technologies and Applied Design.

Students interested in teaching may also pursue certification in the areas of Vocal and/or Instrumental Music (P-12) and Physical Education and Health (P-12). Specific requirements for these departments are listed under the appropriate academic department elsewhere within this catalog. 

Teacher Certification Requirements

Teaching Certification in a content area is achieved by completion of the following requirements (including portfolios), in addition to the General Education and electives required for a degree:

Required Core Courses

Students should note that EDS 338 is the appropriate selection for Biology, Chemistry, Math, and Physics majors.  EDS 339 is the appropriate selection for English and History majors.

EDS 150Int-Ed:Think About Lrng,Tchg

1 Course Credit

EDS 228Adolescent Dev & School Struct

1 Course Credit

EDS 325Methds I: Gen Methds H. School

1 Course Credit

EDS 338Methds II STEM Disciplines

1 Course Credit


EDS 339Methds II Teachg in Humanities

1 Course Credit

EDS 346Literacy in the Content Area

1 Course Credit

EDS 349Education and Culture

1 Course Credit

EDS 479MethdsIII Learning & Assessmnt

1 Course Credit

Required Professional Term Courses

EDS 480Stdts with Special Needs - Sec

1 Course Credit

EDS 481Stdnt Tchg Sem:P-12,5-12,8-12

1 Course Credit

EDS 482Student Tchg:P-12,5-12,8-12

3 Course Credits

EDS 484Capstone Teaching Practicum

1/2 Course Credit

Note: The Pre-Professional term courses EDS 480 and EDS 484 are structured to take place in the Spring term (generally a student's 8th term).  The professional term courses EDS 481 and EDS 482 are structured to take place in the Fall term (generally a student's 9th term).

Required Collateral Course for students seeking secondary mathematics teaching certification

MAT 308Teaching of Mathematics

1 Course Credit


To learn more about program entrance and other degree progression requirements, please follow this link.