Geology Minor

A Minor in Geology provides a foundation in the study of our planet Earth. It focuses on the evolution of our planet through time and the ways in which we read the rock record to learn about this history. The minor is deal for anyone curious about our planet, as well as for anyone interested in pursuing the Earth sciences in graduate school, particularly when paired with a major in another STEM field. 

Degree Requirements

A minor in Geology consists of five (5) course credits. No more than two (2) courses may count toward another major/minor. 

Required Introductory Course 

GEO 101

Distribution Courses (from the following list, or by permission. At least two courses must have a GEO course and be 200-level or higher). 

Any GEO or GEO cross-listed course

ANR 240, CHM 311, CHM 361, CHM 451, PHY 365, PHY 485