WELL 102 Principles of Wellness II

Prerequisite: WELL 101-Principles of Wellness I

This course is the second phase of a two-part course that examines the various components of health and wellness. Topics to be discussed include cardiovascular health, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, nutrition, and body composition. Emphasis is placed on developing physical fitness and lifelong physical activity patterns. Students will continue the Behavior Change Project with modified or changed goals from WELL 101. Students will be expected to participate in an end-of-term fitness assessment. Continuing the emphasis on the process of behavior change, students will complete two projects, with one focusing on physical activity, and the other on weight management/body composition. In addition to the curricular components of this course, students will also be expected to engage in co-curricular programs and activities integrated with Student Life, Resident Life, Campus Life, Counseling Services, the Labor Program, Student Financial Aid Services, and the Campus Christian Center.


1/2 Course Credit