THR 400 Senior Theatre Practicum

Prerequisite: THR 300 or THR 301 or THR 302 or THR 303 or THR 304
The Senior Practicum is designed to give students who apply and are elected/cast as actors, directors, designers, stage managers, or technicians for the Mainstage or Musser productions an opportunity to gain credit for involvement in the co-curricular program. Students will be expected to develop concepts, plan rehearsals (including rehearsal goals), research, and commit to all performances, working closely with faculty and the production and casts as needed by their individual production areas. Skills, including communication, team building, critical thinking, creativity, and time management will be gained. Those completing THR 400 will also be expected to submit a final paper (in addition to any prompt books, portfolios, etc.) that is intended to reflect on this experience as a culmination of the work done as a Theatre major.


1/4 Course Credit