SOC 212 Fdn Comm & Civic Eng (PSC/PSJ)

An introduction to civic engagement and social change for students interested in applying knowledge from their academic disciplines to contemporary issues and community contexts. The course examines trends in civic engagement over time, including forms it has taken and problems and potential associated with these. Approaches to community and civic engagement are studied through the lens of personal and place-based narratives and case studies at the local, state, and national levels. Through applied projects, students will engage with community leaders and organizations involved in place-based development, outreach, and change. Students will also explore and reflect upon the intersections of self, organizations, and communities. While the course will emphasize civic engagement examples and themes based in the United States, it offers a framework for considering connections with international contexts and communities. Noncredit for students who completed it as GST 286 or SOC 286.


1 Course Credit