SENS 240 Appal Geo Resources (GEO)

Prerequisites: MAT 012; GEO 101 OR SENS 101
This course will look at the basic geology of Appalachia and its mineral and energy resources, as well as the social and economic impacts of resource exploitation. The geologic history of Appalachia is rich, including sediment deposition in a shallow sea, uplift during mountain forming events, and subsequent erosion. These geologic events also resulted in abundant natural resources, including coal, oil, gas, limestone, and iron ores. Extraction of that mineral wealth built the region’s economy but has also caused significant environmental and social problems such as pollution from acid mine drainage; landslides and flooding from destabilized slopes; and loss of biodiversity from habitat destruction. These issues often persist long after the mineral wealth is exhausted and much of the money has left the region. In this course we’ll study the basics of Appalachian geology with the goal of understanding the complex interactions between geology, environment, economics, and the welfare of the people living in the region.


1 Course Credit