PSY 325 Stats & Rsrch Meth-Behav Sc II

Prerequisite: PSY 225

This course will provide an advanced introduction to the integration of both statistics and research methods in the behavioral sciences, with particular emphasis on the field of psychology. This course presumes that students possess prior understanding of the basic principles of scientific inquiry and the basic techniques involved in conducting, analyzing, interpreting, and reporting psychological research. Experimental and non-experimental methodologies will be reviewed, with continued emphasis on the selection of appropriate designs for more complicated research questions than those addressed in PSY 225. Topics will focus primarily on the use of inferential statistics and experimental designs, advanced concepts of computer-based data analysis and graphical presentation, and continued development of appropriate form and style used for written research reports. This course is required of all Psychology majors and serves as a prerequisite for PSY 424, where the students will design and implement their own research study. Practical Reasoning with Quantitative Analysis (PRQ).


1 Course Credit