PSY 244 Developmental Psych with Lab

Prerequisites: PSY 100
An in-depth, critical evaluation of current research and theory within the domains of attention, cognition, social skills, language, personality, and intelligence in developmental psychology. We will concentrate on the period of infancy and early childhood: developmental time frames within which structural and functional changes in these abilities is unlike any other. Emerging skills/abilities in infancy and early childhood with regard to attention, sensation & perception, social regulation, language, and emotion are both impressive and rapid. In essence, the foundation for human psychological functioning is created in our earliest experiences, although the capacity for change and plasticity remains present throughout our lives. Restricting ourselves to the period of infancy and early childhood does not mean that the learning you will experience is only applicable to this timeframe; much of what you will learn extends across the lifespan in terms of theory, method, and functional significance. Noncredit for students who completed it as PSY 386.


1 Course Credit

Cross Listed Courses

PSY 386