NUR 226 Essentials Nursing Practice II

Prerequisites: BIO 101 or BIO 201, BIO 102 or BIO 202, NUR 110 (or waiver), NUR 201 and NUR 225 with a grade of C or better
Co-requisites: BIO 207, CFS 221, NUR 230

This course focuses on assessment of the health history and health status of adult and geriatric clients. Health promotion for adults and geriatric clients is included for each of the physical assessment areas. Students will be provided opportunities for using these health assessment techniques to guide nursing care in a clinical setting. This clinical experience will allow students to use previously learned nursing skills and professional standards when planning and providing care for adults and geriatric clients. This course includes five hours of classroom/didactic experience each week and 84 hours in an acute care clinical nursing experience. This course meets the Active Learning Experience (ALE) requirement.


1.5 Course Credits