HHP 261 Exercise & Sport Psychology

The course is designed for Health and Human performance majors, but with relevance for Psychology, Nursing, and pre-med and other interested students. Interdisciplinary in nature, the course examines the scientific study of people and their behavior in sport and exercise contexts, as well as practical application. Learning outcomes include: 1) to understand the role of psychology on the improvement of sport performance, exercise, and physical activity, 2) apply the principles of sport psychology to sport, exercise, and physical activity, 3) to create a sport psychology program for another athlete (or performer in a related area, i.e., dance, theater), 4) to develop a professional coaching/professional portfolio. Daily assignments will include reading research articles, textbooks, and viewing audio/visual materials. Student assignments will include reading and writing of a scholarly nature, as well as the critical and practical application of course content. Noncredit for students who have completed HHP 386 Special topics in Exercise and Sport Psychology


1 Course Credit