GST 167 Latino Masculinities/Coll Life

This college readiness course seeks to prepare Latino male first-year students for the intellectual rigor and social challenges of academic life at Berea College. Being Latina/o/x in higher education, and within the Appalachian context, is a unique experience. Drawing from the interdisciplinary lenses of Latina/o/x studies, ethnic studies, gender and sexuality studies, and the social sciences, students will learn to connect their individual lived experiences and identities to larger social forces, as well as the region in which they are situated. We will explore social structures, identity, and educational attainment—particularly as they pertain to race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality—highlighting texts authored by and/or concerning Latino men. As they reflect upon these themes, students will consider strategies for effectively utilizing the resources available to them at Berea College to ensure academic and personal success at Berea and beyond. Through this course, students will gain cultural and social capital necessary for success in higher education as masculine-identified Latino youth. Noncredit for students who completed it as GST 186.


1 Course Credit