GST 010 Medical Shadowing

This non-credit course will allow students the opportunity to observe in person the daily work-life of a health professional. Prior to enrollment, students must satisfy the initial pre-med and pre-dent requirements.

• A minimum set of completed courses: BIO110, CHM131, CHM221, CHM222
• A minimum overall GPA of 3.5

Student must also have been certified by the Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Advisory Committee acknowledging that they are prepared to undergo a formal shadowing experience with a community collaborator in the medical field. Certification means that the student will submit an application and the Pre-Med Committee will review and approve/deny the application based upon the requirements being met (see above) and whether the student has demonstrated maturity and responsibility required for this sort of experience. The Committee would have a face-to-face or virtual meeting with any student who was denied to let them know how to demonstrate readiness. This course requires a minimum of 20 hours of shadowing to take place during a given term. Students participating in the shadowing course will maintain a reflective journal during the shadowing experience. The journal serves as an ongoing interaction between the student and supervising faculty member. Successful completion of the course includes a final positive evaluation by the supervising faculty member and positive feedback from the participating physician. The weight of each of these components is left up to the supervising faculty member. Completion of the course will result in earning a grade of "S" or "U" and will appear on the student’s college transcript as "Medical Shadowing." (Requests to be registered for GST 010 are made through application to the Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Advisory Committee). Students may not repeat this course.


Non-Credit Course