GEO 200 Mineralogy

Prerequisites: GEO 101 or CHM 101 or CHM 131 or instructor approval

A study of the physical and chemical properties of the minerals that make up our planet. This course will investigate the origin, occurrence, classification, and uses of these materials, while also simply appreciating their sheer natural beauty. Students will develop the skills necessary to identify important minerals both in hand sample and using instrumentation such as petrographic microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. This course will additionally cover aspects of crystallography related to mineral structures, symmetry, crystal systems, and the beautiful patterns hiding within our natural world. Emphasis will be placed on igneous/metamorphic/sedimentary minerals that are commonly found in Earth systems as well as
economic and hazardous minerals that have direct relevance to society and our environment. If you’ve ever wondered why diamonds are so expensive, where the battery in your smartphone comes from, or whether minerals can be fuzzy (they can!), this course is for you. Non-credit for students who completed it as GEO 286.


1 Course Credit