ENG 212 Lit-Caribbean Women(AFR/WGS)

Prerequisite: GSTR 210

This course is an exploration of voices of women in the Caribbean. Students will read works by writers from the Anglo-Caribbean, French Caribbean, and Hispanic Caribbean. These writers represent the islands of Jamaica, Cuba, Guadalupe, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Barbados. Their works investigate issues of racial configuration, relationships between women, politics, colonialism, and post-colonialism, and the creation of the island space. We will look at the long, turbulent history of the island of Hispaniola from the perspective of both the Haitian and Dominican, the complex history of each of these island nations, and other important topics. African Americans', Appalachians', and Women's Perspective and World Culture (Non-Western) component of the International Perspective.


1 Course Credit

Cross Listed Courses

AFR 212/WGS 212