EDS 347 Literacy: Primary, P-3

Prerequisite: EDS 346 AND admission to the Teacher Education Program

Students will examine the early primary reading language arts curriculum focusing on emergent literacy, oral language, reading, writing, and literature in preschool-grade 3. Students will explore the wealth of children's literature appropriate for primary children, both fiction and non-fiction, and examine its role in furthering children's growth as careful, competent, and confident thinkers, speakers, listeners, readers, and writers. Students will draw on and deepen their knowledge of the nature of English, and they will integrate their understandings with principles of human development to select and apply strategies for integrating literature in a balanced curriculum that incorporates phonics, spelling, and handwriting. In a weekly field experience with children in preschool through grade 3, students will learn to design and apply developmentally appropriate literacy experiences, create assessments for individuals and for small groups, and use the findings from those assessments to plan subsequent learning experiences for primary learners. The course includes a two-hour weekly field experience.


1 Course Credit