CSC 301 Human-Centered Computing

Prerequisites are CSC 226 and co-enrollment or completion of CSC 236 and co-enrollment or prior completion of GSTR210. CSC226 and CSC 236 may be waived for students with equivalent programming experience and complementary technical backgrounds, by permission of the instructor. Non-credit for students who completed it as CSC386-JJ (2021) or CSC486-JJ (2020).

An introduction to the human-centered design and innovation process, with a focus on interactive computing. Students will learn to define a design problem, conduct user research, create low and high fidelity prototypes, and test the usability of their ideas. Students will integrate technical and design skills for real-world problem-solving in mini-projects throughout the term and a culminating term project. The course theme will change each
year, with rotating focus on different interaction modalities (i.e. tangible, voice, wearable, vision). Interested students with complementary expertise (e.g. digital fabrication, digital media) who are not CS majors are welcome to enroll.


1 Course Credit