COM 221 Civic Engmnt & Social Advocacy

Prerequisites: GSTR 210

Summer Course Only

Course Description: Civic engagement and social advocacy are at the core of Berea's mission, and statistics show that students who engage with their local communities in a learn and serve capacity have higher retention rates and GPAs. In that vein, this course is designed as a service learning course that will allow students to work with AIDS Volunteers of Lexington (AVOL) to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS. Research shows that AIDS Awareness is on the decline, so much in fact that many high school and college students know little to nothing about the AIDS crisis from the 1980s and its impacts on modern culture. Students in this course will not only learn about the history of HIV and AIDS in America but will also be afforded the opportunity to develop print materials, video materials, awareness campaigns, and work as community organizers for AVOL.


1 Course Credit