CHM 131 Accelerated General Chemistry

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor or completion or waiver of both MAT 012 and CHM 101

An accelerated study of general chemistry designed for students who have taken or waived CHM 101. Students are assumed to be familiar with topics from CHM 101, which will be reviewed in the first two weeks of the course. The majority of the course will deal with topics that come at the middle and end of a general-chemistry course sequence, including molecular orbitals, acid-base chemistry, chemical equilibria, buffers, thermochemistry, kinetics, gas laws, and solid/liquid interactions. The goal of this course is to cover sufficient material so that students are prepared to enter a standard organic-chemistry sequence without needing additional general-chemistry course work. This course meets for three 70-minute lectures each week with an additional three-hour laboratory session each week. Natural Science Laboratory Course. NOTES: Concurrent enrollment in MAT 115 or higher is suggested.


1 Course Credit