AST 401 Senior Sem-Asian Studies

Prerequisite: one 300-level AST course and Senior standing, or permission of instructor

Through common readings and independent work, students will explore various views of Asia, past and present, from within Asia and from without. Through the common readings, students will deal with central questions regarding geographic visions of Asia, the reality or unreality of 'Asia,' key issues for the region, etc. Through regular presentations of ongoing individual projects, students will learn from each other about diverse Asia-related issues. For example, one day, students might all read an address written by the President of the American Association of Asian Studies, followed by individual presentations on aspects of Shintô religion, followed by the politics of the partition of India, followed by current concerns with North Korea. The course is intentionally open-ended and free-flowing, both to encompass specific student interests and to develop the ability to think broadly about Asia.


1 Course Credit