ART 230 Sculpture and Intermedia II

Prerequisites: ART 134, ART 135, ART 136, ART 137 with an average 2.0 or higher; or permission of instructor

Students further develop the Sculpture and Intermedia practices learned in 137 to directly address contemporary societal concerns. The course serves as an introduction for applying independent research to studio practices, with the goal of developing projects that utilize the research to shift or expand the understanding of complex social issues or dynamics for the viewer. Students will complete research and readings from related fields of study, including but not limited to sociology, anthropology, political science, philosophy, women and gender studies, science, technology, and society studies, and history. Sample topics include: gentrification, gender and sexuality, eviction, automation, incarceration, technological progress, labor systems, ecology, etc.

Course Fee: $15, plus the cost of materials.


1 Course Credit