ART 216 Drawing and Painting II

Prerequisites: ART 134, ART 135, ART 136 and ART 137 with an average 2.0 or higher; or permission of instructor

Expanding on the technical and observation-based skills developed at the 100-level, this course will guide students through creating complex, meaningful, and technically strong artwork in drawing and painting. Course content may vary by term with an emphasis on a specific genre of painting, possibly including the human figure, landscape, portraiture, or still life. As a progression towards 300-level work, students will study, develop, and create multi-layered paintings, taking inspiration from historic and contemporary artists. Practical work in drawing and painting will be complemented by lectures, demonstrations, class discussions, and critiques.

Six in-class studio hours each week. Course Fee: $15, plus the cost of materials.


1 Course Credit