APS 209 Appalachian Foodways (CFS)

Prerequisites: GSTR 210 or Permission of Instructor

Students will explore the traditional foodways of the Appalachian Region prior to the 1960s. The major topics of the course will include the historical, cultural, geographic, economic, and social roots of Appalachian foodways. Other topics will include: food availability; food production/consumption and social class; sustainable family farms; factors influencing foods and food production; role of foods and food rituals in daily lives and holiday traditions; traditional food cooking and preservation technique. A practical component of the course will include gathering, planning, and preparing foods and meals based on Appalachian traditions. There may be several field trips. Knowledge of food preparation is not required. Attendance and active participation are required. African Americans', Appalachians', and Women's Perspective and Active Learning Experience. Course Fee: $40

Noncredit for students who have completed CFS/APS 109 or CFS/APS 209 or CFS/APS 286 Special Topics: Appalachian Foodways


1 Course Credit

Cross Listed Courses

CFS 209