ANR 318 Food Policy (CFS)

Prerequisites: GSTR 210 or Permission of the Instructor

Students will explore key policies shaping the food system in the United States and the implications these have for producers, consumers, and the environment within the U.S. and around the world. In particular, we will focus on how these policies affect access to and affordability of a safe and nutritious food supply. Students will be introduced to how the policy process works, particularly as it applies to the food system, including who the major stakeholders are, what their primary objectives are, and how they influence policy decisions. We will also explore the political, economic, and cultural context within which policies are developed, and the processes through which these policies become translated into programs. Finally, the course will address how policies support or hinder the vitality of emerging alternatives, including organic, local, and fair trade movements. Practical Reasoning Requirement (PR)


1 Course Credit

Cross Listed Courses

CFS 318