ANR 201 Food/Agriculture Africa (AFR)

Prerequisite: GSTR 210

In this course we will explore the origin and spread of agriculture on the continent of Africa. We will examine how different cultural groups interact with their environments and how this interaction is being shaped and changed in the modern world. We will also explore the legacy of the slave trade and subsequent European colonization on agriculture, production, and food systems on the African continent, and throughout the African diaspora. This course illustrates the connections between the food and agriculture practices of the African diaspora to their roots in African traditions and crops. Additionally, we will examine how current efforts to change or shape local agricultural policies and practices are affected by and/or respond to histories of colonization and racialized injustice. African Americans', Appalachians', and Women's Perspective and International Non-Western Perspectives.

Noncredit for students who completed it as AFR/ANR 286


1 Course Credit