Music Course Sequencing Table

Please be aware that the table below represents current planning and is subject to change based on faculty availability and student interest. It is not meant to represent any guarantee to the student that the courses will be offered in the term in which they are currently planned. This chart was last updated in January 2024.

Course Spr 24
 Fall 24 Spr 25  Fall 25  Spr 26  Fall 26  Spr 27 
MUS 100** X
MUS 103** X
MUS 106** X
MUS 115** X
MUS 118**  X X X    
MUS 130A** X
MUS 130B** X
 X X    
MUS 130C** X
MUS 130E** X
MUS 130F** X
MUS 130H** X
MUS 130I** X
MUS 130K** X
MUS 130M** X
MUS 131** X
MUS 132** X
MUS 135** X
MUS 200            
MUS 220**          
MUS 221**          
MUS 222** X
MUS 223** X
MUS 224  X  X    
MUS 232          
MUS 234            
MUS 320**      X      
MUS 321**
MUS 322** X
MUS 323** X
MUS 324 X
MUS 326            
MUS 328**            
MUS 329    X          
MUS 330**            
MUS 331**            
MUS 335**            
MUS 336** X
MUS 337**            
MUS 340P            
MUS 342V X
MUS 400**
X   X   X  

**Courses marked with double asterisks are tracked in Planner.