Theatre Minor

A minor in Theatre encourages students to explore theatre studies and practice that focuses on creative and intellectual interest and curiosity and meets student need. The minor is intentionally combined with the student’s major to contribute to 1) the development of creative and applied skills that prepare the student for their choice of career and future educational goals; 2) the student’s training in theatrical practice that seeks to mimic professional standards of production; and 3) a formal academic credential for those interested in pursuing Theatre courses as a significant part of their undergraduate education.

Degree Requirements

Required Core Courses

THR 105Script Analysis

1 Course Credit

One course from

THR 115Principles of Acting

1 Course Credit

THR 124Visual Concepts for the Stage

1 Course Credit

THR 213First Theatre in Human Culture

1 Course Credit

Required Distribution Courses

Three (3) additional THR courses selected by the student in consultation with the academic advisor for the minor. Two (2) or more must be at or above the 200 level.

Requirements to Minor in Theatre:

  • A “C” or higher is required in THR 105;
  • No more than two (2) credits can be transferred to meet the requirements including those gained from study abroad;
  • Three (3) additional THR courses. Two or more must be at the 200-level or higher.