Film Production Minor

Divisional Home: Division IV

Minor Advisor: Gordon Gray and Deborah Martin

This interdisciplinary minor consists of three theater courses with distribution courses from many alternative disciplines.  The Film Production Minor can be combined with any major.   


Degree Requirements

Required Distribution Courses

Two (2) additional courses to be selected by the student with careful faculty advising from the list below. At least one (1) course needs to be at or above the 200 level.

ETAD 180Graphic Com and Design

1 Course Credit

ETAD 202Photography

1 Course Credit

THR 202Acting for Film

1 Course Credit

THR 220Seminar in Design & Production

1 Course Credit

THR 317Principles of Directing

1 Course Credit

Required Core Courses (3)

THR 135Film Production

1 Course Credit

THR 331Film Production: Documentary

1 Course Credit

THR 332Film Production: Feature Film

1 Course Credit

THR 331 & THR 332 offered in alternate years

Requirements to Minor in Film Production:

  • Students must interview with the a Theatre faculty member
  • A “C” or higher is required in THR 135 for successful completion of the minor
  • No more than two (2) credits, including those gained from study abroad, may be transferred to meet minor requirements.
  • No core course may be transferred.