Sociology B.A.

Degree Requirements

A major in Sociology is achieved with the completion of the following requirements, in addition to the General Education and electives required for a degree:

Required Core Courses

SOC 100Sociology of Everyday Life

1 Course Credit

SOC 220Cultural Anthropology

1 Course Credit

SOC 335Methods of Social Research

1 Course Credit

SOC 350Theories Guiding Sociology

1 Course Credit

SOC 436Sociological Methods in Action

1 Course Credit

SOC 461 may be substituted, in consultation with the Academic Advisor

Required Distribution Courses

Five (5) additional SOC course credits

NOTE: Except for core courses, all SOC courses offered in the former Short Terms count as electives toward the degree. However, no more than one SOC course offered only in a former Short Term may be included in the major.

To learn more about program entrance and other degree progression requirements, please follow this link.