All pre-veterinary students should schedule a meeting with Berea’s Pre-veterinary Advisor, Dr. Quinn Baptiste ( early on in their first term at Berea College. During this meeting students will be guided in the development of a curriculum plan which will allow them to meet the requirements for entrance into vet-school. Students will be advised on the options of pursuing degrees in Agriculture and Natural Resources, Biology, or Chemistry while at Berea College. The combination of courses and course sequencing varies for individual students depending on the specific major chosen, the students background, the vet program that they target and the vet practice they ultimately wish to pursue. Hence, it is critical that early decisions be made on the natural and applied science courses that students will take during their 4 years at Berea College. These courses include Animal Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Animal Breeding and Reproduction, Nutritional Studies, Animal Diseases, academically supervised internships, and field studies. Ideally, at the end of 4 years a pre-vet student will have a broad understanding of the field along with applied practical experience in several aspects of veterinary medicine. The latter should be achieved while maintaining the high undergraduate GPA standards, generally a 3.2 minimum overall GPA demanded by most veterinary programs