Mathematics Minor

A Mathematics minor is recommended for students who wish to supplement a major in another discipline or to enhance their potential employment opportunities.  The curriculum of the Mathematics minor seeks to augment the student's major and General Education courses by developing critical thinking in mathematics and adding mathematical knowledge to their portfolio.  A Mathematics minor may be particularly useful for those students majoring in Physics, Computer Science, 3-2 Engineering, or Economics.

Degree Requirements

The minor in Mathematics requires a minimum of five (5) course credits, as follows:

Required Core Courses

MAT 135Calculus I

1 Course Credit

MAT 225Calculus II

1 Course Credit

MAT 214Linear Algebra

1 Course Credit


MAT 315Fundamental Concepts of Math

1 Course Credit

Required Distribution Courses

Two (2) additional MAT courses at or above the 310 level.

It is acceptable for MAT 315 to be one of these additional courses if  MAT 214 is also completed successfully.

Admission to the Minor -- There are no requirements for admission to the minor.

Course Sequencing Considerations -- It is recommended that students have taken Calculus I by the start of their 3rd year.  MAT 135 is a prerequisite for all other courses considered for the minor. Many upper level courses require MAT 225 as a pre- or co-requisite.  Students should allow at least 3 semesters to complete the minor.

Proficiency Requirements for Retention in and Completion of the Minor -- Students completing the minor must complete the minor with a C average or higher in the 5 mathematics courses used for the minor.

Other Considerations or Recommendations -- MAT 135 may be waived but successful completion of five MAT credits must be obtained for a minor among MAT 214, MAT 225, and those numbered 311 or higher.  If MAT 225 is also waived, then it cannot be one of the five.