Musical Theatre Minor

Divisional Home: Division III and IV

Minor Advisor(s): Any Music or Theatre faculty member who teaches within the core requirements.  

The Musical Theatre minor offers students: instruction in singing, acting and thinking, and creative skills that can be applied in a variety of professional environments and disciplines; and a formal credential for students interested in pursuing Musical Theatre as a potential career. 

Degree Requirements

This interdisciplinary minor consists of seven (7) HHP, MUS, & THR courses with distribution courses to be selected from many additional classes to create a minor with at least five (5) credits. The Musical Theatre Minor can be combined with any major. No student may earn more than one minor in Music. 

Required Core Courses (4.25 credits)

THR 105, THR 115, HHP 229, HHP 230, MUS 200, MUS 103, MUA-V

The additional .75 credits for a total of at least 5.0 credits for the minor can be taken from any combination of the courses/credits listed below. Students are encouraged to speak with their minor advisor to select the course(s) that best meet their needs. 

HHP 206Y, HHP 224, HHP 227, THR 202, THR 220, THR 317, THR 300, THR 302, MUS 100, AFR 138 (MUS 135), MUS 130A, MUS 130C, MUS 131