History Minor

A minor in History provides a broad perspective on the human past, with a view to understanding how people behave, and of what they have been, and are, capable of as individuals and as communities. Such a background provides a helpful complement to almost any major, and a useful foundation from which to move into a variety of fields, particularly professions that require an understanding of human activity: law, journalism, business, teaching, social work, and the ministry. The History minor is extremely flexible, requiring the introductory course to provide a foundation in research methods and principles of interpretation, and then other courses of the student’s choice.

Degree Requirements

The minor in History requires a minimum of five (5) course credits, as follows:

Required Core Course

HIS 200Intro to Historical Study

1 Course Credit

Required Distribution Courses

Four (4) additional HIS course credits selected by the student in consultation with the academic advisor for the minor.


Exploring the Minor Students considering History as a minor should begin exploring the discipline through any of the several introductory courses, choosing one or more that appeals to them. Most 100-level or 200-level courses, except for HIS 200, can serve this purpose.