English Minor

Degree Requirements

A minor in English allows students to explore literature and writing within a structured framework that focuses intellectual curiosity and meets extant student need. This minor should be intentionally combined with a major in another discipline to contribute to (1) a student’s training in the critical practices of reading and writing, (2) the development of analytical skills, intellectual tools, and creativity that directly influence students’ preparedness for professional life beyond the classroom, and (3) a formal credential for students interested in pursuing English courses as a substantive element in their undergraduate education.

Required Core Course

One (1) course

ENG 110Intro to Literature in English

1 Course Credit


ENG 124Intro to Creative Writing

1 Course Credit


ENG 270Intro to Methods in English

1 Course Credit

Required Distribution Courses

Four (4) ENG Category courses at the 200-level or higher (i.e. ENG 200; 205/305; 210/310; 225/325; 240/340; 270 if not taken as the core option above), at least one of which must be taken at 300-level.

Students pursuing the minor are not eligible for ENG 470 or ENG 485.

A “C” or higher is required in each of the five courses for successful completion of the minor.

No more than two (2) total ENG credits accrued either at transfer institutions or during education abroad may be counted toward the minor.

Students may not minor in both English and Creative Writing.