Teacher Preparation

Berea College considers the preparation of teachers one of its major areas of focus. Throughout its history, the College has been actively engaged in preparing teachers for elementary through secondary schools. Many departments at Berea College contribute to the education of teachers. Although Berea graduates may be found in many states, the majority teach in schools in the Appalachian region. Grounded in the department's Conceptual Framework, candidates in Berea's Teacher Education Program are asked to think deeply about the nature of teaching, learning, and schooling.

Berea College offers certification programs in Elementary Education (primary-grade 5); Middle Grades Education with Teacher Certification in Science or Mathematics (grades 5-9); Secondary Education (grades 8-12) programs in Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Physics, and Social Studies (with a major in History); primary through grade 12 programs in Health, Physical Education, Instrumental Music, and Vocal Music. Because Berea College is a liberal-arts college, all students engage in courses and experiences in general studies. These courses are especially important for those who wish to teach because they develop teachers' general knowledge of the world; enhance their ability to make connections across disciplines; strengthen their capacity to look at questions from multiple perspectives; and develop the habits of critical, creative, and reflective inquiry.

In addition to their General Education requirements, candidates seeking teaching certification engage in in-depth study in their major. Through this study, candidates develop their understandings of the core concepts and principles in the disciplines in which they will teach. A third area of study for prospective teachers is professional studies, which includes the historical, philosophical, and social foundations of education; the principles of human development and learning; and the nature and practice of teaching and learning. Candidates' professional preparation also includes a variety of experiences with youth of the age they intend to teach. Ongoing assessment is central to student success.

Progress in meeting performance expectations in communication, general knowledge, subject matter competence, and professional knowledge and skills is assessed at seven critical points in the program including; entry into the Teacher Education Program, entry into Student Teaching and exit of the program. These assessments are aligned to the Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) standards. Candidates must also submit satisfactory scores on the Principals of Learning and Teaching (PLT) and required Praxis II tests for their certification areas. The teacher certification programs at Berea College are accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) and by the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB). Candidates who successfully complete Berea College's Teacher Education Program (TEP) are eligible for certification in Kentucky and in other states.

To determine the requirements of specific states, candidates should contact the Office of Teacher Education and Certification in those states.