Art Studio Minor

A minor in Art Studio allows students to explore the discipline of studio art practice in a variety of mediums and at a variety of levels. This minor should be intentionally combined with a major to enrich learning, critical thinking, and hands-on problem solving. The minor is designed for flexibility and to complement a student’s interdisciplinary study.

Degree Requirements

Required Core Courses (four courses)

ART 134Fibers & Color Theory

1 Course Credit

ART 135Illusionistic Drawing/Painting

1 Course Credit

ART 136Printmaking & 2D Composition

1 Course Credit

ART 137Sculpture and Intermedia

1 Course Credit

A GPA of 2.0 is required from the four core courses.

Required Distribution Courses (two courses)

Two (2) studio courses at the 200-level or above, chosen from the following: 2 Course Credits

  • Any 200/300/400-level medium specific distribution course in Drawing and Painting, Fibers, Printmaking, and/or Sculpture and Intermedia
  • Any 200-level Topics in Studio course
  • Any 300-level Seminar in Studio course
  • 200/300-level Directed Study/Special Topics/Independent Study in ART
  • 200/300-level ART BIST courses or approved KIIS ART courses

Completion Opportunity:  Students completing a Studio Art Minor may be eligible to submit work for a juried competition.