African and African American Studies Minor

The minor in African and African American Studies is interdisciplinary and fits within the framework of a liberal-arts education by supplementing the student’s academic major with a scholarly understanding of African diasporic history, social and political life, economics, culture, and art. The minor also addresses issues and topics pertaining to the physical and psychological health of peoples of the African diaspora by providing students with clear, culturally based knowledge about African diasporic communities not only on the African continent, but also throughout the Americas, Caribbean, Europe, and even Asia.

Degree Requirements

The minor in African and African American Studies requires a minimum of five (5) course credits, as follows:

Required Core Courses

AFR 103/HIS 103Survey of African His (HIS)

1 Course Credit

AFR 222Intro to African-Amer Studies

1 Course Credit

Required Distribution Courses

Three (3) additional course credits chosen from the AFR course offerings (which include cross-listings), or courses outside of the AFR Department that have been approved for credit by the Department Chair of African and African American Studies.

Additional Considerations for the Minor

The Chairperson of the African and African American Studies Department will serve as the adviser for all students seeking the AFR minor.