Graduating with Honors

The cumulative GPA will be the measure to determine academic honors, which are designated as follows: summa cum laude 3.900 or higher; magna cum laude 3.750 to 3.899; cum laude 3.600 to 3.749. The College recognizes those students who have demonstrated such excellence by an honors notation on the permanent academic transcript, on the diploma, and in the program for the commencement ceremony. The cumulative GPA on which the honors will be based in celebratory programs is that of the last term prior to the one of graduation. However, final transcripts and diplomas will reflect the honor for the cumulative GPA earned at the end of the term of graduation.

To be eligible for honors, the student must have completed at least seventeen (17) course credits at Berea College.  (Also see GPA under "Grades and Grading Scale" in this publication.)