Political Science

Exploring the Major — Students interested in Political Science as a major should complete at least two, and preferably three, of the following courses in their first year, if possible: PSC 100, PSC 110, PSC 220, or PSC 250. Be aware that MAT 010 (or waiver) is a prerequisite for PSC 100 and PSC 110. Also, MAT 012 (or waiver) is a prerequisite for MAT 104, which is a prerequisite for PSC 235.

Admission to the Major — In most cases, students should have completed at least one (preferably more than one) course in the major, with at least a 2.0 GPA in PSC courses.

Course Sequencing Considerations (in order to complete degree requirements within eightterms) — MAT 104 should be taken no later than the first term of sophomore year. Students should complete satisfactorily PSC 100, PSC 110, PSC 220, and PSC 250 by the end of the second year. PSC 235 is a prerequisite for PSC 480. Because it is offered only in Spring Term, generally, PSC 235 should be taken no later than junior year (and can be taken in the Spring Term of the second year). In the senior year, majors must complete PSC 480, which is offered only in Fall Term.

Proficiency Requirements for Retention in and Completion of the Major — In addition to completing specified course requirements in the major, each student must demonstrate advanced oral and written communication skills in PSC 480 by completing a major research paper and discussing and presenting it to the satisfaction of the department faculty.

Other Considerations or Recommendations — See Pre-Law under “The Academic Program” in this publication or contact the Pre-Law Coordinator, Dr. Dan Huck, for information on how to prepare for Law School. Also see the Law, Ethics, and Society minor in this publication or contact minor advisers Dr. Dan Huck and Dr. Steve Gowler.

The Education Studies Department will collaborate with any content program contributing to the preparation of teachers to write appropriate text directing students thinking about becoming a teacher to the Teaching & Curriculum concentration in the Education Studies Department.