Peace and Social Justice Studies

Exploring the Major --- Students interested in the major are encouraged to complete PSJ 100 and PSJ 205 within the first two years. Students should also complete as many General Education requirements in the first two years as possible.

Admission to the Major --- Completion of PSJ 100 and at least one other PSJ course, both with a grade of C or higher; satisfactory completion of an interview for admission to the major.

Course Sequencing Considerations (in order to complete degree requirements within eight terms) --- In the first year, PSJ 100 and/or PSJ 205. In the second year, PSJ 100, PSJ 205 (if not completed), PSJ 218, plus at least one elective. PSJ 305 can be taken in the third or fourth year; PSJ 450 is ideally taken during the fall of the fourth year.

Proficiency Requirements for Retention in and Completion of the Major --- In addition to completing specified course requirements, each student must satisfy departmental standards for effectiveness in communication.

Other Considerations in the Major --- Another appropriate course may be substituted for one of the electives by successful petition to the Peace and Social Justice Department. Transfer students who come to Berea with the experience of having courses in Peace and Social Justice Studies will have their previous courses considered for credit as distribution courses in the PSJ major.