Exploring the Major— Students considering this major should begin exploring the discipline through some of the required core courses as soon as possible. A good start in the major would be to complete or waive MAT 125 and MAT 135 during their first year and then to complete or waive MAT 225MAT 330MAT 315 and, if time allows, MAT 214, by the end of sophomore year.

Admission to the Major— Each applicant to the major is reviewed and careful consideration of their overall performance in the Department is the primary criterion determining admittance.  In particular, applicants should demonstrate the potential for success by completing (or being enrolled in) courses above MAT 225 at the time of application to the major.

Course Sequencing Considerations (in order to complete degree requirements within eight terms)—Because upper-level course offerings alternate by term and by year, students who complete the required core courses prior to the start of their junior year will have greater flexibility in the design of their programs.

Proficiency Requirements for Retention in and Completion of the Major— Students must have a minimum major GPA of 2.0 calculated on MAT courses at the MAT 135 level and higher. Students who wish to complete the capstone experience with an approved research experience will be expected to submit a short paper and give an oral presentation to the faculty based on some focused element of their greater research project.

Other Considerations or Recommendations— In addition to the major requirements described above, it is recommended that majors select courses from another discipline in which mathematics is applied. These electives and the program of study within the Mathematics Department should be determined in consultation with the Academic Advisor according to the student’s interests and professional and educational intentions.

Teaching Certification – Students interested in gaining certification to teach in the area of Mathematics (Grades 8 – 12) must meet all requirements for admission to the Mathematics major as well as admission to and completion of the Teacher Education Certification requirements. (See Teacher Certification Requirements)