Business BS-Business Administration

Exploring the Major — Students considering Business Administration as a major should begin exploring the discipline through these courses: BUS 120, ECO 101, and ECO 102.

Admission to the Major — To be admitted to the Business Administration major (all concentrations), students must: 1) waive or complete MAT 115 with a grade of C or higher; and 2) complete BUS 120 and either ECO 101 or ECO 102 with a grade of C or higher.

Course Sequencing Considerations (in order to complete degree requirements within eight terms) — Students planning to major in Business Administration need to satisfactorily complete these courses during their first four terms, if possible—MAT 115 or MAT 125 (if MAT 115 waived); or MAT 135 (if MAT 125 waived); BUS 114/CSC 114, BUS 120, BUS 130, ECO 101, and ECO 102. The ECO 101 and ECO 102 are not sequential. However, the Accounting courses are sequential—BUS 120 must be taken before BUS 130. We strongly recommend that a student take 130 in the term immediately following satisfactory completion (with a grade of C or higher) of BUS 120. Other core courses, which are not required for admission to the major but are degree requirements for all concentrations, also may be taken during the student’s first two years. These include BUS 114/CSC 114, ECO 250 (after MAT 115, or with permission of instructor), BUS 240 (second year), BUS 315 (after taking prerequisite BUS 120 or ECO 102), and BUS 363 (second year). Internships may count toward the concentration elective courses. Students may enroll in up to two BUS/ECON internship experiences for a maximum of three credits. However, no more than one credit from Internships may be counted toward a single concentration. Students choosing the Public Accounting Option (see below) are not eligible for BUS 475 until the final regular term of attendance. Taking this course earlier might jeopardize any possibility of qualifying for a one- or two-term extension, if needed.

Proficiency Requirements for Retention in and Completion of the Major —The Department requires that a majority of courses taken to satisfy major and minor degree requirements must be taken at Berea. Students also must meet the minimum requirements for graduation.

Other Considerations and Recommendations — Students preparing for graduate school should take MAT 135 (or waiver).