Exploring the Major— Students considering this concentration should enroll in the required 100-level core studio courses during their first three terms at Berea.  All 100-level core courses should be completed before focusing on a specific medium at the 200-level, which should begin in the fall of the junior year.

Admission to the Major— Completion of ART 134, ART 135, ART 136 and ART 137 with a total GPA in the 4 courses of a 2.0 or higher and a portfolio review.

Course Sequencing Considerations (in order to complete degree requirements within eight terms)— Students interested in this major should take General Education requirements at the same time as Art courses. Studio courses at the 100-level are offered every Fall and Spring term. Advanced studio courses must be taken in sequence and 200-level studio classes may not be taken without all four 100-level studio area courses or permission of the instructor.  ARH 121 and ARH 124 should be taken in the first four terms and ARH 255 should be completed by the first term of the junior year. Students in this concentration must satisfactorily complete ART 492 in their studio area during the last spring term of residence and participate in a senior exhibition.

Proficiency Requirements for Retention in and Completion of the Major— In addition to all 100-level core studio courses with the above-stated minimum GPA of 2.0 and a portfolio review, majors must successfully complete distribution courses with focus on a specific medium through the 400-level, two 200-level or higher ART electives, and the capstone, ART 492, with work accepted into the senior exhibition.

Other Considerations and Recommendations— Regular ART course are not typically offered during the summer terms but 200-level and higher ART electives may be earned by off campus experiences.