Art-Art History

Exploring the Major— Students considering this concentration must enroll in the 100-level core ARH courses during their first three terms at Berea.

Admission to the Major— Completion of ARH 121 and ARH 124 with a grade of C or higher in each.

Course Sequencing Considerations (in order to complete degree requirements within eight terms)— Students interested in this concentration should take General Education requirements at the same time as Art History courses. ARH 121 and ARH 124 should be taken in the freshman year and prior to any upper-level (200 and higher) Art History courses.  ARH 255 should be completed by the first term of sophomore year. All students in this concentration must satisfactorily complete ARH 340 and ARH 450.

Proficiency Requirements for Retention in and Completion of the Major— In addition to all foundation/core courses and the above-stated minimum grade of C in ARH 121 and ARH 124, all Art History majors must satisfy departmental standards for visual, written, and oral communication by successfully completing the senior capstone requirement.