Applied Math and Science

Admission to the Major -- Due to the minimum GPA requirement of engineering programs (2.5 at the University of Kentucky School of Engineering), the applicant should waive or complete MAT 135 and MAT 225, as well as complete CHM 131 and PHY 221, with a combined GPA of at least 2.5 for these four courses.

Other Considerations and Recommendations -- Students should be aware that the minimum GPA for admission to the engineering school is higher than the 2.0 minimum required at Berea. In addition, students must earn a minimum grade of C or better in CHM 221 to be accepted into the University of Kentucky Chemical Engineering program.  Students transferring to the University of Kentucky should plan to take CHEM 311 Analytical Chemistry.  ECO 102 is recommended as a social science perspective.

Because of the language requirements at many engineering schools, including the University of Kentucky, students who intend to complete the dual degree program are strongly encouraged to satisfy Berea's International Perspective requirement by completing two courses in the same foreign language.  In order to fulfill the University of Kentucky Composition and Communication requirement, students must take COM 203 in addition to successfully completing GSTR 110 and GSTR 210. Alternatively, student may elect to take a communications course once enrolled at UK.