All full-time and part-time students are expected to attend Convocations each term of attendance at Berea minus one (usually the last term of attendance). A grade of CA (Convocation 'A') is recorded for all students who are marked as attending 7 Convocations by the Convocations program. No more than 8 CA (Convocation 'A') grades may count towards the student's cumulative GPA. Convocation credit is only GPA credit and does not count towards the total credits required for graduation. Exceptions are detailed below:

  1. Students doing a Study Abroad term are exempt from the Convocation requirement during that term.
  2. Students engaged in student teaching are exempt from the Convocation requirement during that term as well as during the preceding term (generally the student's 8th term).

See the Convocations program website for specific details about participation in the Convocation program.

Note: Participation in the Convocations program is not technically a degree requirement. Students are expected to participate. A grade of CF (Convocations Fail) is recorded and averaged in to a student's GPA each term a student is expected to participate and is not marked in attendance for 7 or more Convocation events. A grade of CA (Convocations 'A'') is recorded otherwise and averaged into the GPA.